Memberships include


Coached sessions

All our sessions are coached to ensure and coach good form and technique, offer encouragement and advice! 

Smart Programming

Our programming runs in cycles of 6-8 weeks, during which each weeks sessions are building on the previous weeks in order to see progress. There are no random workouts here. 

Individual Nutrition Plan

Each member will receive individual nutrition targets specific to them, based on their body type and goals We will workout your calories and macros and also advise on how to implement this into their lifestyle. There will always be coach on hand to for advice. 

Performance tracking

You will get access to our performance tracking app ‘sugarwod’ which You will be able to log your workouts daily, and see your progress over time. This is a great way to measure how far your fitness has improved. It also takes out the guess work when your choosing your weights! 

Access to our online community

You will have access to our online members group on Facebook, where you will keep upto date with what’s happening at the gym, training and nutrition tips, and of course a bit of craic! you will also get access to  our recipe page also on Facebook. 

Be part of a buzzing group!!

Lastly, and the most important! You will be apart of a buzzing community, that pushes each other through each workout! You will finish each session with a sense of achievement, with everyone in it together! Beats workout out on you’re own!! You’ll be part of an encouraging, fun and motivating environment!

Not forgetting the gym socials!!! 😉


All at the fraction of the cost of one to one coaching to training!