Nicola Jenkinson

I have been with Sam since the beginning and must say, I still love Tribe, I actually look forward to the days I train! Every workout is different, and challenging so you never get bored of doing the same workout over and over again but at the same time, is scalable to every level of fitness. 

Probably what I like even more than the place itself, is the people that go there. Everyone is welcoming and friendly, no big egos, and there’s a real sense of community. I have met so many great people that I genuinely consider friends now, which makes it even easier to show up to class every week! 



‘I knew this was the gym for me when I walked up the stairs and seen 300 hop house bottles in a laundry basket...’

Leah Downey


Tribe is well and truly an addiction! From being someone who didn’t enjoy exercise to now going 5/6 times per week, it’s safe to say I’ve caught the bug. Everyday I look forward to going into the gym to see what kind of torture Sam has lined up for us. Although no matter how tough the workout is, Sam and the entire gym community will be there pushing you through it. And really, it’s because of them that I keep going back for more.




I joined Tribe in 2017 about a year and a half after having my twin sons and feeling like my fitness had got away on me. I started in the 6am classes and soon made some good friends, learnt some new movements on the barbell and began pushing myself more and more. 

Two years on I am over 10kg lighter, have competed in 3 competitions, am far stronger than I ever thought I could be and am continuing to learn new skills. I think most importantly though I feel I’m a better role model for my sons. 

Sam will cater for all levels and push you to places you didn’t think you go. He has built a community that is supportive, competitive and will keep you coming back. It’s been a life changer for me.




I joined Sam in August 2017. I hadn’t trained in a few years and was about 2 stone overweight.  Sam’s sessions were great.  Every night was different, challenging and exhausting but the end target/goal was great.  In the space of 3/4 months just from being given a nutrition plan and regular training I lost the 2 stone.  In the pursuing 6 months I have maintained my target weight, lost inches and have started to gain muscle.

If anyone struggles at a regular gym, pays for membership but never goes, I would highly recommend leaving and come join Tribe.  Every night is different, your made to feel welcome from the first night and Sam will keep you on track with challenging workouts, constant advice and demonstrations before each workout.

Thanks for the last 10 months Sam.

Claire Lennon

Addicted, just great! 

Chris Canning

I joined Tribe in September of this year! One of my best, albeit late, decisions of 2017! 

Losing weight was not a goal that I needed to achieve, but have lost 8lbs since starting Tribe!

Sam (mr motivator) is a very knowledgeable coach, always encouraging you to better your PB and loves his High Fives!!

The workouts are different and enjoyable every time I go!! 

All this on my doorstep!! Top class!! 

With Sam I have achieved my 3 main goals! Great support, mixed abilities and it’s like having a second family! 

Secondly, for my upper body strength! There used to be a fear factor with weights but it’s now a challenge! I can even carry the wife to bed for the News at 10!! � 

Thirdly, my mental health! Nothing like a great, supportive and bloody difficult (most times) workout to give you that feel good feeling!!


I started training with Sam in a bid to lose weight and generally tone up. What I have achieved with Sam's help has been far more than this.my overall strength and fitness has improved dramatically, and the biggest result for me has been undoubtedly the self belief in myself, when I thought I couldn't do something it was broken down to help me manage it, which always means that without me realising that the impossible is possible after all!! Sam has been nothing but encouraging and supportive in all aspects of my well being (not just on my developing muscles � lol ). The sessions are always hard work but include an element of fun, which is essential for me to keep me motivated. There is no shouting or humiliation just belief and encouragement. The tips on nutrition are great and his dedication is clear, I really can't recommend him enough. The results I have had since joining the tribe family, have been amazing for me, I'm so proud of myself and really grateful to have got to know Sam and the other members!! My husband, family and friends cannot believe the change in me inside and out!! ��